To My Sweets, My Jennifer, Happy 10th Year Anniversary

19 Dec

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To My Sweets, My Jennifer, Happy 10th Year Anniversary May the Lord bless us with 35+ more years. This is a Special 10th Year Anniversary Message. It speaks to the LOVE, Gratefulness and Appreciation and Respect I have for all you sacrificed for me, our marriage and our blended family.

Through it all, the years of my sickness, pain and with all I have put you through words cannot express how much I appreciate the LOVE, Faith, thoughtfulness, and loyalty you maintained through so many difficult challenges.

Marriage is the contentious un-ending love affair of 2 people and their 2 souls pressing upward to become one through Christ Jesus. It is a challenge in itself. But I thank God I’m married, to and I’m still in Love with an awesome devoted anointed and faithful praying Woman of God. I’m so Grateful to God that you entered my life. Through thick and the very thin you’ve/we’ve persevered every attack of the devil and his trickery.

My Sweets, you truly are more precious than Rubies and all the world’s precious stones or jewels. I don’t deserve God’s blessing me with you; but thank God, Jesus my advocate heard and answered my prayers and allowed me to find my Good Thing. We’ve made it 10 years with God leading, blessings and covering us. Even hiding us in the times of unrelenting struggles.

I Honor, Respect, Love and Salute you the more on our 10th Year Anniversary. I look forward to the New Beginnings of Life in 2018, with you until death does us part. The Lord has healed me and delivered me from years of pain and off all medication for pain. He has not forsaken you nor me.

My Sweet, my/our help cometh from the Lord God Almighty. It is by God’s Grace and Mercy that He keeps on blessing us and making a way out of no way. I believe and trust by Faith in God that He will now renew, and restore everything the devil stole from us. And, according to God’s Word, He came to give life more abundantly. Therefore by Faith, I decree: He’s bringing me to His Wells and the Windows of Heaven that are overflowing with blessings and covered with God’s Favor to be the Man of God, as your Husband, that would not have you to want for anything; other than a closer walk with Jesus. He’s an on time God, he has never failed you or me/us.

God bless you my Sweets for He has surely blessed me with a LOVE that can only come from God. I Am So Grateful To God that you are my Wife, my prayer partner, my best friend, and my lover and my confidant. The years of suffering and all the sacrifices have not been in vain. God has Answered Your/Our Prayers.

To God be the Glory

Yours in Christ Jesus

Your Husband, “Tie Man”

Anton L Seals Sr.

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