Praying Men Of God Standing Up for Justice and Righteousness

01 Jun

Please listen to Activist and Rapper Killer Mike in the attached Bidro Link.

Rapper Killer Mike is reminding us that it is our responsibility to Speak Out and Speak Up. Do what is Right. And that we make our homes a place of refuge for those in need and less fortunate.

Men of Valor, let us pray to undergird our young people and others who will stand up for Righteousness.

Also, we are praying for Justice for the: George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmad Aubrey Families; and countless others murder by police officer.

Please click the link below and listen to the pain, the sincerity of ❤ heart of Activist and Rapper Killer Mike. Let’s us Pray and help encourage others to “Stand-Up justice be served and for What’s ✅ Right America.

And Don’t burn 🔥 our homes, businesses, and,stores but let’s tirn our communities and homes into sanctuaries of Love, Joy, Hope, Peace and Strength.

Simply asking you to join on Monday nights to Pray with us at 7:30 PM.

Also, spread the Word to support the: SIRRAH Ministry

This Saturday SIRRAH Ministry as I’m adking you to support Elder Bill Harris whose Organization is Calling 100 Men to be in Prayer on Saturday, June 6th at 8 AM.


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