Seniors Support Black Lives Matter

15 Jun

I AM A Man, A Proud but humble Black Man. I am created in the image of God. I just happen to be an African American/Black Man.

I Am a Senior Citizen, who is a husband, father, grandfather, a brother, a nephew, uncle, cousin, friend, and neighbor. And I am a minister who loves serving God and helping others.

I am also a man of God; by faith to believe who also fears God. I agree with those who stand up because of “righteousness indignation to oppose the racisms, hatred, and the evil we are fighting against because of social injustices on a plethora of fronts.

BLM, Black Lives Matters, is a pillar of hope that is by divine provocations moving, no Sweeping, across the USA, and the World.

BLM represents the remnant of new leaders whovare being birthed and prepared as they come forth with a Godly Spirit of Love, power, honor, humility, and integrity.

Surely the airways, internet, and social media will be used in greater means to teach and lead others. The Pandemic is not solely Coronavirus, COVID-19. This is a Nation and World pandemic that his historical and unparalleled for it is fueled by centuries of atrocities which are now sitting in the Eyes of everyone in the World.

Upwards of over 120,0000 humans are dying at alarming rates. Yet, the world seems cold to the notion of this Pandemic, COVID-19 and the Pandemic of hatred, racism, greed self-righteousness of people in every walk of life.

Our Lifes’ and lives, nor the way we worship God, will never ever be the same. We will “talk more on that matter next Monday on the AJS Ministry “Lets’ Talk AOUT IT!” Zoom and FB Live Broadcast next Monday, June 22nd at 11AM.

To the young and not so young Leaders, and Supporter of Black Lives Matter, BLM, I salute you, agree with the need for justice, righteousness, equality for African Americans, and those who are disenfranchised, and the poor and in America and across the Globe.

Going on 70 years of age this year, but I stand committed and determined to support the “BLM Movement” that is changing how humanity, mankind treats each other across the World, and God.

And how we honor the reverence of all of God’s Creation on this Planet and Beyond.

Elder Anton L. Seals, Sr

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