AJS-Ministry’s The Tabernacle of Fire NU

10 Jan

Elder Anton and Elder Jennifer Seals will launch their 1st Podcast “The Tabernacle of Fire NU” on Thursday, January 14, 2021, @ 7 until 8 PM.

The Tabernacle of Fire NU Podcast provides a Series of Bible Classes about the books of the Bible, and our 256-page-book we self-published: The Tabernacle Dwells In You, and a previous book on God’s Plan for An Abundant Life: Stewardship, Tithing, and Discipleship. We also teach a series on Disciple-Making, Prayer, Praise and Worship, Stewardship, Tithes, Offerings and much more.

Additionally, the Podcast provides open discussions with a broad genre of Special Guest to help non-believers and believers to be equipped and strengthen to face and overcome critical challenges facing our daily lives and our walk of Faith as Believers/Christians.

The AJS Ministry Tabernacle of Fire In You/NU “teachings, prayers, topical life issues discussions will be available via multiple social media platforms: via Zoom, Facebook Live, Podcast via Av and our website: and

The AJS Ministry Classes R Free & can be viewed via Podcast, FB Live, Zoom, (Advance Registration Required), and YouTube.    

The on-going live, and pre-recorded weekly/bi-weekly Podcast can be viewed on Zoom, and Facebook Live, visit the ajsministry/youtube link and/or our blog page and via, our website on  ,

For information visit our website @ e-mail us at, or call 773-234-3108 to leave a voice message.

Thank you for reading and we would appreciate your comments, suggestions and/or ideas.

Elder Anton and Elder Jennifer Seals

God Bless You



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