“Launch Out and Go Deeper To Seek The More of God”

22 Jan

Elders Anton and Jennifer Seals (AJS Ministry), “The Tabernacle of Fire NU,” Podcast will broadcast every Thursday, from 7-8 PM. (The attached Video was Recorded on Thursday, Jan 21st, at 9:45 PM

“The Tabernacle of Fire NU” is a Christian Podcast that provides open discussions with a broad genre of topics and Special Guest. Our goal is to invite everyone and especially men, to have a more intimate relationship with God through “Prayer” and studying the “God’s Word.”

The live and pre-recorded weekly/bi-weekly Podcast can be viewed via social media links: on Zoom, Facebook Live, visit the ajsministry/youtube link and/or our blog page

E-mail us at or call 773-234-3108 to leave a voice message. For additional information visit our website @

Thank You

Elder Anton and Elder Jennifer Seals
God bless you


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