AJS Ministry The Tabernacle of Fire NU Podcast Thurs. Feb. 18 7 PM

17 Feb

Dear Family, Friends, Clergy, and Neighbors,

AJS Ministry Elder Anton and Elder Jennifer Seals are personally requesting your help. We encourage you to please join us, our Special Guest Dr. Rodney Alford, and Clinical Therapist, Al Williams on our Live Zoom FB Recording, tomorrow Thursday, February 18th at 7 PM via our “The Tabernacle of Fire NU Podcast.” Our Theme this week: “Healing of your Mind, Body, and Soul.”

You don’t want to miss these “critical discussions and information. Click the Zoom Link… Password: 986 9775 2635, to enter the Live Recording and Streaming Live on our Facebook Page

Our Special Guests Dr. Rodney Alford and Al Williams will share critical and discuss important insight on why we/you must “Wear A Mask, the value of getting the COVID-19 Vaccine, the importance of being tested, and how to identify and cope with depression in this era of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“Dr. Rodney Alford is a board-certified pediatrician; an internal medicine specialist for over 35 years. A graduate of Loyola University of Chicago‘s medical schools and completed his residencies in both internal medicine and pediatrics at Cook County Hospital of Chicago. Contact Dr. Rodney Alford at his office number: 815-432-5411.

Al Williams is a Clinical Therapist, whose mental health career encompasses over 25+ years of service, and the owner of Abundant Health and Wellness Services, LLC; providing counseling services for individuals, group & family therapy for depression, anxiety, isolation, anger, bipolar, schizophrenia, BTSD, grief, and trauma. To contact Al Williams forward emails to

Feel free to RSVP call us at 773-234-3108, and/or email us at if you have any questions. Visit our website.

Thank you

Elder Anton and Elder Jennifer Seals, AJS Ministry

God bless you


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