The Tabernacle of Fire NU Podcast Thurs. Feb. 18th

20 Feb

We, Elder Jennifer Seals, and I invite you to see and hear our Special Guests: Clinical Therapist Al Williams and Dr. Rodney Alford. Back by popular demand, they return to “The Tabernacle of Fire 🔥 NU Podcast” on Thursday, February 25th at 7 PM. Don’t Miss Part 2 of: “Healing of your Mind, Body, and Soul: Overcoming COVID-19 Pandemic Depression. And why get the Vaccination, wear a Mask, and practice social distancing.

Also, click the Facebook link below to view last Thursday, February 18th, 7PM recording to hear/view the recording from: Part I “Healing of Your Mind, Body, and Soul, and Overcoming COVID-19.

Also, you can view the Video and Audio Recordings by clicking one of the links below:

1. YouTube:

2. AJS Ministry: AJS Ministry Facebook Page

3. Anchor.FM Spotify Podcast:

4. WordPress AJSMinistry/Blog Page:

About our Special Guests:

Al Williams is a Clinical Therapist and “Dr. Rodney Alford (a board-certified pediatrician).

Al Williams is a Clinical Therapist, whose mental health career encompasses over 25+ years of service and the owner of Abundant Health and Wellness Services, LLC; providing counseling services. For more information from Al Williams forward E-mails to

“Dr. Rodney Alford is a board-certified pediatrician; an internal medicine specialist for over 35 years. For more information, contact Dr. Rodney Alford at his Medical Office # 815-432-5411.

Email us at: or leave a Google Voice and email message at 773-234-3108

Visit our Website at

Elder Anton and Elder Jennifer Seals, (AJS Ministry)

God bless you


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