“Host Elder Anton L Seals Sr, Teaching on:” Smith Wigglesworth On Faith Thursday, April 8th, 7 PM

08 Apr

Elder Jennifer Seals & I invite you to view our AJS Ministry “The Tabernacle of Fire 🔥 NU Podcast.” Click the following link View Elder Seals Sr teaching on Faith: Thursday, April 8th, 7 PM

Date & Time: Thursday, April 8th at 7 PM Topic: “Faith Is The Victory When You Believe” Smith Wigglesworth On Faith” (Chapter 4)

Scripture: Hebrews 11:1, Romans 10:17, John 1:1,14, & Mt 17:20 Elder Seals and Elder Jennifer Seals founded AJS Ministry in 2012. He has served in many leadership areas of the Church expanding 40 years of dedicated service within the church and beyond the gates of the church.

He is an author and self-publisher of “The Tabernacle Dwells In You, and “God’s Plan for An Abundant Life: Stewardship, Tithing, and Discipleship.” Elder Anton L Seals, Sr., is happily married to Elder Jennifer Seals, and are both ordained ministers. They are proud parents and grandparents of a large Blended Family.

He loves helping people, serving God, and he has a love and passion for teaching the Word of God, for “Praying” and singing. He is a devoted Intercessor Prayer Leader, who leads both The Tabernacle of Men Prayer on Monday Nights at 7:30 PM, and the Men’s Powerline of Prayer on Wednesday Mornings at 6:30 AM.

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Thank You for Viewing

Elders Anton and Elder Jennifer Seals AJS Ministry

God Bless You

To be a Special Guest; request Prayer, give a donation, or sponsor 2AJS Ministry please visit our website or email us at and/or call us at 773-234-3108

Elder Anton L Seals Sr. & Elder Jennifer Seals, AJS Ministry

God Bless You


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