AJSM Bible Class, “Smith Wigglesworth On Faith” Tuesday, June 15th

15 Jun
AJSM Bible Class, “Smith Wigglesworth    On Faith” Tuesday, June 15th

Elder Jennifer Seals and I invite you to our Weekly AJS Ministry Bible Class, Tuesday, June 15th, @ 2 PM “Smith Wigglesworth On Faith,” AJSM Weekly Bible Class, Smith Wigglesworth: Chapter 14 “The Substance of Things Hoped For”

Click the following link to view:

AJSM Blog Page: ​​ FB Recording: Tuesday, June 15th @ 2 PM

For more information, please call us at 773-234-3108 to leave an email and voice message. And to leave a Prayer request and/or and give a donation or sponsor AJS Ministry, email us: and visit our website at

Also, please join us for 16 Hours of Prayer: Saturday, June 12th, 6 AM until 9 PM (See Attached Flyers below)

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Thank You for your Prayer, encouragement, and financial support. For more information feel free to contact us at 77-234-3108 or send an email:

Elder Anton L Seals Sr. and Elder Jennifer Seals Sr.

God Bless you.

Elder Anton & Elder Jennifer Seals, invite you to listen to Special Guest: Rev. Travis A Newsome on our AJS Ministry “The Tabernacle of Fire 🔥 NU Podcast: (Every), Thursday, June 17th @ 7 PM.

Theme: “The Gospel of the Kingdom” Scripture Reading Mark 1:14 &15

About Our Special Guest:

Travis has a passion for declaring the gospel of Jesus Christ and things pertaining to the kingdom of God in both word and song. The breathe and depth of his Apostolic anointing of Prayer, Praise and Worship, allows him to serve as a spiritual workshop leader, preacher, teacher, singer/psalmist an inspirational speaker. 

He earned his Bachelor of Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 2004. In his post-collegiate endeavors, he worked in the architectural industry for several years and became a licensed architect in 2012.

Travis’s work shifted from building buildings to building up people as an ordained minister. He is a member of the Apostolic Church of God in Chicago where he serves as a member of the church’s official board, a member of the A.C.O.G. Ministerial Alliance, and leads in the church’s worship team, prayer team, and men’s ministry. Travis has a passion for declaring the gospel of Jesus Christ and things pertaining to the kingdom of God in both word and song.

Under the banner of T.A.N. (Travis A. Newsome) Ministries, Travis travels to various churches, institutions, and organizations. He currently resides in the Chicago area with his lovely wife and is the proud father of three beautiful daughters.

Email Rev. Travis @ And view his following social media platforms: Facebook @ “Travis A. Newsome Ministries,” Instagram, Twitter, and @TravisANewsome. Also, visit his YouTube Page to view his inspirational videos.


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